If you’re reading this, you’ve probably spoke to a contractor that offers financing through a 3rd party financing company or lender.  Soo many contractors from plumbers, to cabinet guys offer financing and/or home improvement loans.  Their ads are abound with awesome financing plans that are very enticing wide array of consumer needs such as 12 months no interest, 18 months no interest/payment, 84 months at the low interest rate of 3.99%.  They all seemed like great value added plans to the consumer.  Even if you didn’t need to finance, you could take a plan that gave no interest / no payments for 18 months; not much better than free money (hint: its not really free).  If you needed low payments a low interest rate, 3.99% for 84 months got you there.

A Quick Bit About Me

I’m Travis, a consumer advocate and journalist. Trust me when I tell you that taking the ‘in-house’ financing offered by a contractor is probably the worst deal you can take. I’ve created this site to uncover and show you the hidden fee’s that get massaged into home improvement loans, particularly those offered by contractors, and tell you how to get the best bang for your buck when financing your next project. I even explain how you can get a cash discount and still finance 100% of the project. Taking in all this new knowledge can be a bit overwhelming.

As homeowners, we all have that inner drive to make our house, our castle, and keep it in tip-top shape.  New granite counter tops, those are nice.  A fresh wood patio, even nicer.  Remodeling the bathrooms, yeah we all could agree those are great.  Although costly, home improvement loans, or financing offered by contractors can put them within financial reach.  Now, I’m not going to tell you that financing is bad, because quite frankly I believe that when used for improving your real property it is a value adding tool, but on this website I share some shocking details about home improvement loans, and tell you what you should avoid, and tell you how you can get the ‘cash discount’ while still financing your entire project.

Here’s the real deal On Home Improvement Financing Companies:

Most of them have high interest rates, hidden fee’s that you pay indirectly, lack transparency, and employ generally poor business practices.  The hidden fee’s that come with many 3rd party financing solutions, force contractors to start playing numbers games (like a used car lot) and that just doesn’t work out well (i.e. price increase) for you, the consumer.  The interest rates many of these companies charge, are borderline criminal, even if you’ve got a no interest loan (hint: you’re still paying a secret hidden interest rate).

How I Am Going To Help You

I’m a consumer advocate.  I don’t like seeing people overpay, or spend their money unwisely.  It really eats me up inside.  When it comes to home improvement loans, particularly those offered by home improvement contractors, many consumers are unknowingly getting a very short stick (aka paying inflated prices). I decided to start this website to inform consumers of just how much monkey business, and funny numbers there are when it comes to the home improvement financing offered by contractors.  On this site you’ll find a myraid of information, all from my experience and knowledge on home improvement loans.

The truth is, no matter what your situation is, you’re nearly always better off (financially) avoiding the contractors financing, getting your own financing from a third party, and then maybe even getting a cash discount (hyperlink: How you can get a cash discount and finance your home improvement project).  I’ve done the leg work for you, and found the best financing options out there.  Just get educated!  What I share, will probably shock you.

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